Cornersville-Blythe news

By Martha Hardy

The weatherman told us last night (Saturday) that we had a chance of rain today and have been looking and hoping it would happen. We had a few, very few, minutes of a shower but need much more. It has been very overcast all day and that helps to keep the plants from withering to some extent but a good rain would be so appreciated

Our pastor, Brother Randy Byrum, was in preaching in Verona today (Sunday) so Brother Tommy Peters was our visiting preacher. He is not only inspirational but educational. In bringing out one of the points he was making he related the story of the three brothers. All of them were actors and one of them’s real name was John Wilkes Booth who killed President Lincoln. Another one of the three was the person who later saved the life of Lincoln’s son Todd, who had fallen before a train and was rescued by the brother of the man who killed his father.

Last week I wrote about one of our Blythe neighbors, Charlotte Baker, being in the hospital in very serious condition. I am sorry to report that she has passed away. Her funeral was held at Ebenezer Methodist Church with burial in the church cemetery. We extend our condolences to the family.

One of our neighbors, Alesha Higgins, who will be in tenth grade at West Union this fall, has  been   spending her summer vacation with family members in Florida. They own a business and Alesha has been working for them.

But evidently they have not been working her too hard as she has related via Facebook that she has been going to the beach and parasailing. She was up 800 feet in the air (some gutsy girl). Also she has  been to the  Wet and Wild water park. I am sure she will have lots more news when she gets back just in time for the start of school.

Remember there will be a benefit fish fry on Saturday, July 20, at Springhill Baptist Church on Waterford Road to help the family of two little Goode brothers, Taylor and Tyler, who have very serious health problems. Please come out and help these beautiful little boys.

Well, I must close for this time. I have son Austin chomping at the bit for me to get off this computer and go with him to courthouse for a title to his purchase. He will be getting his license in September. Oh woe is me. I will need prayers of all.

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