Approve pool study

For three years in this space we’ve been suggesting that New Albany conduct a feasibility study on the cost and benefits of a public swimming pool.

Despite what we think is strong community support for a pool, we are no closer today to getting our children and our grandchildren a place to learn to swim and our families a wholesome spot for summer recreation.
The question is not whether we need a pool; that is clear to most everyone. Our small spray park is crowded with young children. The issue is whether the community can afford a year-round facility rather than a seasonal outdoor pool.
The board has approved issuing $1.25 million in bonds to pay for the expansion of BNA Bank Park on the north side of U.S. 78 (Interstate 22).
As we understand it, that will provide enough money to light at least one of the new soccer fields, and improve and light the parking lot next to the tennis courts.
Other projects at the complex also need to be completed. But none, in our mind, should delay moving ahead with a feasibility study for a pool.
Enough land is available to put the pool near the new soccer fields, well away from any of the flooding issues that exist near the current spray park.
We support teaching all children to swim as part of a public school curriculum. We need a public pool to do that.
We have tip-toed around the public pool issue for three years. It’s time for the Board of Aldermen to move ahead with a feasibility study.