Cornersville-Blythe news

By Martha Hardy

I would like to apologize to the readers of my column. For the past two weeks I have written about the benefit for the little Goode brothers, Tyler and Taylor, who are suffering from a rare medical condition and have been hospitalized at LeBonheur Hospital at Memphis.

I was acting in good faith when I wrote this news as my information came from our church bulletin and as I understand it that was a result of someone taking it from Facebook. I wrote that it was to be held at the Springhill Baptist Church near Waterford and that was in error. It was not at the church but was in Waterford.

However, the people who were able to go tell me that it was a very great success and they like many others had no trouble finding the real location. So I guess all is well that ends well.

The Crane family, Roger, Susan and sons Brandon and Josh, have had a very busy and exciting summer. They enjoyed a three-day trip through eastern Alabama. The original purpose of the trip was to ride a zip line across Desota Falls located in Desota State Park. This was planned as a fund-raising event sponsored by the Huntsville Cave Rescue Unit.

Susan says fortunately for her it was canceled because of the nine inches of rain and the river was flooded, so after spending the night at the Desota State Park they headed on over to Little River Canyon by way of an 11-mile scenic drive that follows the west rim of Little River Canyon. There were numerous waterfalls and canyon overlooks.

The weather had turned cool and cloudy so they were able to do some hiking in the very beautiful area.

From there the family moved on to Talladega National Forest and Cheaha State Park. Because Cheaha is the highest point in Alabama at 2,407 feet high, some of the winding roads were reminiscent of the steep winding roads they drove on the vacation last year in St. Johns Virgin Islands. Very scary. As they neared the summit it began to mist rain and they literally drove into clouds. It was a very eerie feeling as night was approaching , and one could barely see to drive due to the clouds and mist and they still had to drive back down the mountain. However, as they descended they emerged from the clouds into late evening sunshine.

Son Brandon drove the entire time, almost 730 miles. He will going to the science and math school in Columbus this fall.

The Cranes spent a fun vacation in June on Sanibel Island, Fla. More about this later.

One day last week I telephoned the home of Dan and Billie Cooper and they had a house full of guests. Daughter Teresa and husband Ronnie Hall along with son Daniel and his family from Alabama were there as well as Ronnie’s mother Edith Hall from New Albany.Also, the other daughter, Lisa and husband Robert Vaughn and boys from Memphis, Tenn. were there as well as niece Kelly Givens Clifton.

Billie also told me that they had really enjoyed a visit from granddaughter Chase Cooper who is an airline hostess with Delta-Pinnacle. The home base is in Minneapolis, Minn.

Way to go, Chase. I love to fly and this would have been a dream job when I was young.

In closing I leave you with this thought from something I read recently: “We may not be able to control the length of our life but we can control the depth and width of it.”

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