Theatre camp experiences ‘Aladdin’


Participants are, from left to right: first row: Carrie Wilkinson, Mary Greer, Gracie Mason, Jodi Parks, Meredith Ohler, Gia Vanisi, Morgan Pipkin, Logan Lee Robertson; second row: Shelby Pulliam, Natalie Bullard(director), Joseph Fennell, Laura Ruth Welborn, Rylie Ozbirn, Eliza Morris, Katie Evans, Bonnie Littlejohn, Carrie Jo Rakestraw, Shelby Grant; third row: Sherri Quinn Bullard, Will Boyington, John David Nelson, Rosalee Roberts, Vivian Vanisi, Cecellia Pullman, Taylor Grace Willis, Elena Belle Thompson, Mary Emily Morris, Madison Nobles; back row: Tori Baldwyn, Duncan Sheiffer, Sanaa Finley




Rehearsal goes on during Super Hero Day for “Aladdin” at the summer theatre camp held two weeks ago under the direction of Natalie Bullard with the help of her mother, Sherri Bullard. The camp, sponsored by the Tallahatchie River Players, involved 27 campers and seven staff members, culminating in a performance of “Aladdin” Friday night after the five-day camp. “The production night went well with over 140 family members and friends cheering our kids on in their musical numbers and lines in telling of the story,” director Bullard said. “We hope to be able to bring this production to the schools later this year.”