Education standards

Most Mississippi public school children this school year are to be taught using similar core standards as those in other states.

The standards, called Common Core, seek to standardize much of the curriculum among the states. It’s an effort to make our public schools more rigorous so students – and our nation – can better compete with students from around the world.
Forty-five states are implementing Common Core, which was developed by the National Governors Association and the Council of State School Officers. It was a state-led initiative and Haley Barbour, Mississippi governor at the time, was a strong supporter of the upgraded standards.
Boosting expectations and standards is particularly important in Mississippi where our public education system generally ranks at or near the bottom in most measurements among the states.
School administrators, teachers and students are understandably nervous about this new challenge, but most seem to understand the importance of moving forward.
So what’s the problem? A few national conservative Republicans, from talk-show hosts to lawmakers, have attacked Common Core as an effort by the federal government to take over education. The fact that it is a state-led program seems to have eluded them.
Not to be left out, 11 Mississippi state senators calling themselves the “Conservative Coalition,” have joined in, trying to make a problem where there is none. We hope our area legislators will steer clear of this political hucksterism.
As challenging as it will be, our state needs to keep moving ahead with the Common Core standards.

  • Ian Somer

    I always considered our education standards to be really low ones. I believe that our children have huge potential and not using it would be like committing a crime, which we clearly do today. As a result we see students wondering how to choose essay website. They do not know how much potential they have as we do not show them this. We demand too little from them. They can do better and it totally depends on us! We are to teach them that.

  • Karti

    Its been like walking a tightrope between success and failure in writing? I have struggled with my language quite a bit in the past and i think that has a lot to do with my school system. Hopefully this new system would make our present generation competent for the future.