Cornersville-Blythe news

By Martha Hardy
Monday morning here on Hardy’s Hill has started as beautiful, another day the Lord has made. It is unusual for me to be up before the sun, however that was the case this a.m. so I went out to feed my cats (anyone out there need a beautiful kitten – I have six of them) the sky was such a lovely shade of pink as the rising sun reflected on the fluffy clouds. Such an uplifting sight makes the heart sing with the joy of being alive to enjoy another day on this earth.
Last week I told you about the Crane family, Roger, Susan and sons Brandon and Josh having had an exciting summer of fun and travel.
In June they spent a vacation on Sanibel Island, Fla. and as it happened they were there in the middle of Tropical Storm Andrea, but in spite of this they still had fun riding bikes and hiking the nature preserve in the rain. It was interesting watching how high the storm surge got.
Brandon and Josh enjoyed riding the waves before it got too strong to do so. The family took a kayak /canoe trip through the J.N. Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge .The trail went through the mangrove trees. This was very hard to do as they were paddling against an incoming tide as they were trying to keep the kayak from running into the mangrove trees, as well as trying not to turn over.
Susan says that every time she hit a mangrove it would scatter a whole colony of crabs as well a few sea stars. The worst part was trying to go back with the tide as it was always pushing them straight into the mangroves, She was glad to have that experience over with.
In spite of the weather the trip was a success as they enjoyed two days of fun in the sun as well as lots of good seafood, with oysters being her favorite.
On Tuesday of last week the Crane family along with some of the neighborhood kids spent another fun day at the Geyser Falls Water Park at Philadelphia, Miss.
Nellie Dawson has been enjoying some recent visitors. Billie Cooper, Gloria Vaughn and Sue Rowland, all from our church, brought good things to eat of which she was so appreciative.
Also her son David Dawson has been home on leave from his job with Homeland Security in Virginia. He and wife Lisa have been visiting several days.
Ebenezer Methodist in Blythe held the annual Homecoming this past Sunday. My friend and neighbor Carolyn Scott tells me that it was very well attended. The church was full and there was much good food and fellowship.
The featured speaker was Sherra Owen from New Albany who gave a presentation on the history of the church. I am sure that Sherra gave a good talk as I have heard her address the Union County Master Gardeners.
The last meeting of the UCMG’s was held on July23 with several speakers from our group. Also there was a discussion on ways to increase our membership. Anyone wishing to become a member can call the extension office. They will put you in touch with those who handle this.
This is all I have for this time but here is a point to ponder: Sometimes a quiet listener outshines a brilliant conversationalist.
If you have news fit to print please call or e-mail, L.L.662-988-3685, cell 316-8963.