Cornersville-Blythe news

By Martha Hardy
Weather is all in the news these days in diverse places, with floods world -wide and just last week there was some flooding and people being evacuated in Tupelo.
My son Austin and I got caught in a severe thunderstorm in Tupelo. It was raining so hard I could not see to drive so I pulled into a service station, then the wind picked up with such an intensive force that large tree limbs were blowing all over. One hit my car and dented it in a couple places. We heard a fire truck and ambulance go past and when it had abated so that we could continue we saw what the emergency was.
A large 18-wheeler with two trailers was blown over on its side. The Tupelo news stations showed pictures that night and informed us that no one was hurt. They also showed that there was damage to a nearby church.
This was certainly a time for prayer and, believe me, I was pleading for our safety.
Also on this Monday, Aug. 12, the headline news shows a huge sink hole in Florida that swallowed up part of a building. This was second one in the news this week. It makes one wonder if this is something we the people are doing to our environment. Maybe we are removing too much water from the underground aquifers..Just saying !! The same newscast again shows flooding out west taking the life of a woman who was swept away in the madly rushing water.
I spoke with my friend and neighbor Betty Greer recently and she tells me that her grandson David Greer, son of Amy and David Jr., spent three weeks of his summer vacation going to school at Ole Miss Summer Academy. This is for students in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades who have excelled in their studies at school. It sounds like these youngsters were really given a good learning experience as they were required to be in class all day long.
I am sure these children will do great things with their lives. I am well aware that Dave is an extremely gifted young man. He has represented West Union School in the county spelling bee every year since he has been eligible and stayed in almost to the last speller each time.
Then home of Sue and Bill Rowland was the scene of a big birthday bash in honor of two of the grandchildren, Jayne Rowland who just turned eight and Brendoin Rowland who is five. So here is a big happy birthday wish to you both.
Also I would like to send wishs to my own granddaughter McKenzie Hardy, the daughter of Norman and Tina, who will be 11 years old on Aug. 14. A very happy birthday to you. My, how time does fly.
Our condolences go to the family of Bobby Berryhill, who was the brother of Terry Berryhill. Bobby passed away his past week as result of cancer. May God be with you and comfort each of you.

In closing I leave you with a quote from Jessamyn West, American author. She says, “We want the facts to fit the pre-conceptions. When they don’t, it is easier to ignore the facts than to change our preconceptions.”
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