NA, Shannon partner for grant

Beginning Oct. 1, implementation will begin on an approximate $1.9 million 21st Century Community Learning Center grant that is being distributed among the New Albany School District, the Boys and Girls Club of New Albany, and Shannon High School.

This is a five-year New Albany-Shannon Consortium between all five entities.
Melanie Shannon, project director for the 21st Century Community Learning Center grant, said, “The grant is for after-school programming and summer programming and the goal for the grant is to serve students who need enrichment as well as remediation. This grant will reach all students but will focus on those who are struggling academically.”
She added, “The grant benefits Kindergarteners through twelfth graders at the New Albany Schools, the members of the Boys and Girls Club, and the students at New Albany High School. We hope to assist the Boys and Girls Club in New Albany in providing more character education, nutrition education, heath education, bully-free education, and physical fitness.”
New Albany School District is the fiscal agent on this grant and partnered with a priority school, Shannon High School.
There are 3,300 students total at all five sites.  Our goal is to serve 500 students at the five sites who are participating in this consortium.
“For the first year, approximately $500,000 will be received and split up among the five entities. The second year the same amount will be split up again. For the remaining years, the funding will decrease per year. The majority of the money for the first year will be for personnel and staffing,” said Shannon. “We will provide 10 hours per week of enrichment and remediation tutoring for 26 weeks, beginning Oct. 1. The grant will also provide summer programming three mornings and week for four weeks during the month of June.”
At New Albany High School, there will be a focus on the four subject area tests (English 10, U.S. History, Algebra I and Biology), which are required for high school graduation in Mississippi. The teachers will be preparing students who will take the subject area test in May or students who need remediation on the tests.
At New Albany Middle School, there will be a focus on Math, English language arts, and we are working with ELL (English Language Learners) students as well. Tutoring services will be provided for ELL students.
At New Albany Elementary School, there will be intense grade level focus on Reading and Math and there will be enrichment opportunities as well.
The Boys and Girls Club will be able to receive money for educational supplies and professional development and training.
New Albany School District Superintendent Jackie Ford said, “We want to have a lower dropout rate, a higher graduation rate, and no student failing. This grant allows us to give every student an opportunity to be successful. Our students don’t have any excuse to fail. We are putting everything in place for our students to be successful if they take advantage of it.”