NA Schools get grant

The New Albany School District again is demonstrating its drive for continuous improvement by successfully competing for a federally financed grant to help students who are struggling academically.

New Albany Schools is partnering with the struggling district in Shannon for the five-year grant, administered through the Mississippi Department of Education’s 21st Century Community Learning Center.
In New Albany, the program will include 10 hours per week of tutoring, primarily for students with D or F grades, as well as summer tutoring during June. The schools also hope to assist the New Albany Boys and Girls Club in providing more education focusing on character, nutrition, health, bullying and physical fitness.
Most of the grant money will be used to pay teachers and students to provide the tutoring programs. The project director is Melanie Shannon at New Albany Schools.
Superintendent Jackie Ford said the program puts everything in place for all students to be successful if they take advantage of it: “We want to have a lower dropout rate, a higher graduation rate, and no student failing.”
We congratulate Ford and the New Albany Schools for getting this major grant. We’re confident the district will be able to show that the tutoring programs will make a difference.