Tanglefoot Trail grand opening pushed back

Officials with the GM&O Rails-To-Trails Recreational District and Three Rivers Planning and Development District announced Monday that the Tanglefoot Trail’s grand opening will be pushed back a second time.

According to Ronnie Bell and Randy Kelley of Three Rivers, the ceremony will not be held on Sept. 21 because it is not known whether the trail will be completed in time.
Bell said there are three reasons for the further postponement.  The first reason is a section of the trail near Houlka where grass has not grown enough to prevent erosion.  Second, another stretch has shifting soil that has cracked the asphalt surface.  Third, bridgework on U.S. Highway 78 in New Albany continues over the trail.  Bell said, however, because bridgework may not be complete in time, this portion of the trail may be barricaded off so that the remainder of the trail may open.
While no date for the ceremony was set, Oct. 5 was suggested as a possibility.