Hurricane news

By Susan Hooker
The September 13-5th weekend weather was perfect in the community as the early morning temps in the 50s had residents busy with lawn care, area joggers and bike riders on the move, and the harvest for soybeans underway. The sign at the Hurricane Haunted House and Forest located behind the community center told of the upcoming season beginning the first weekend of October. I was so busy on Friday that I forgot it was the 13th. Triskadekaphobia is the fear of the number 13. I am just wary of the date due to my Graham heritage.
Friends and family of Lee and Jessica Waldron Kleyla of Longview honored them with a house warming on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 14. Lee’s mom, Debbie McCarver Kleyla, resides on Hwy. 346 at Horton. Jessica’s parents, Alan and Wendy Waldron, reside on Benjamin Road at Pleasant Dale.
Rev. Philip, Perri, Issac, Emma, and Addie Brock vacationed in the Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tenn., to enjoy the fall sights.
Cade and Megan Hooker enjoyed a weekend trip to The Shoals in Birmingham, Ala.
Chris and Alissa Hale were some of the Ole Miss fans who attended the Rebels-Longhorns game in Austin, Texas.
They enjoyed the game with L. Keith Hale, who lives in Austin. Also stopping by with Keith were Jack and Jo Hale of New Albany. Jo was in Austin to visit with her maternal family members who reside there, the Mitchells. For the Mississippi fans, it was a great game!
Betty Pierce of Strongsville, Ohio, was home for the weekend at Shady Grove as she will be working in Tennessee with AR Incorporated.
Birthday wishes to Malaydyn Dillard, Charlie Hicks, Lisa H. Kidd, and to Lou Gaston.
Shelia Baker Owen was one of the hostesses for the Lunching with Books on Thursday, Sept. 12, at Pontotoc County Library. The event was hosted by the Pontotoc Woman’s Club.
A belated expression of sympathy is extended to the family of Coach Harry Adair of Ingomar who was preceded in death by his wife nee Sarah Waugh. The Adairs lived in Hurricane for the school year of 1960-1 as he began his legendary, basketball coaching career at our old school. He would always ask about his former players and the friends that he made while in the community. He rolled out the red carpet for the girls from Hurricane when we attended his North Mississippi Basketball Camp in 1969-70 at Hatley. Mrs. Adair also took us to their home there. After their retirement to Ingomar, they would stop by. Of course, the discussion was basketball!
Sympathy is extended to the family of David Maguire of Moline, Ill., who was the father of Megan Hooker (Cade) and the grandfather of Sophie, Ella Kate, and Maggie Hooker. David visited with the Hookers several times each year, and our entire family looked forward to the holidays and the girls’ birthday parties with him and his mother, Eleanor Maguire. He had a heart transplant 10 years ago during the Thanksgiving holiday as a donor gave him the gift of life that let him enjoy his granddaughters and his daughter to what seems like a quick passage of time. He retired from John Deere Harvester Works in 2009. His funeral was on Sept. 6 at Mounmouth Methodist Church, and his interment was in Monmouth Cemetery in Illinois. Those attending from Pontotoc were as follows: Cade and Megan Hooker, Colt, Brooke, and Braxton Hooker, and Scott and Brandie Whiteside. Also surviving him are the following: his mother, Eleanor Maguire, of Geneseo, Ill., and his brother, Matt Maguire, of Galesburg, Ill.