Junta Club September meeting

The Junta Club met for the first meeting for the club year at the home of Jennifer Beam on Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013. Susan Feather, President presided over the business session. Vice President Bethany Dalton distributed yearbooks and introduced the theme for the year, Chick-Lit.
Program Leader Ninabeth Capaning reviewed the book Undomesticated Goddess by Sophia Kinsella. This book was published in the United Kingdom in 2006 and is the author’s second stand-alone novel.
Program Leader Capaning shared that this book is a quick read, very predictable and has a happy ending. The main character, Samantha, is a hard-working twenty-something-year-old attorney who is working day and night to become the youngest partner in a prestigious law firm in London. Samantha’s life changes when she realizes she has made a mistake so huge that she will never be able to become a partner in the law firm. She is very distraught as she discovers her mistake and leaves town by train and arrives in a small English village. Here she stops at a beautiful home for directions and is mistaken for a lady who is scheduled to be interviewed for a job as housekeeper. Samantha does not reveal her identity and is hired with no cooking or housekeeping skills. The book contains humorous actions of this workaholic attorney who has never cooked a meal or cleaned a home in her life. The book also includes romance as Samantha and Nathanial, the gardener, work together as he recognizes her lack of skills and helps her complete her jobs for their employer.
All members were present and include Sally Amos, Jennifer Beam, Anita Buster, Ninabeth Capaning, Bethany Dalton, Susan Feather, Retta Hardy, Ethel Holland, Myra Langley, Robin Lindsey, Jackie Littlejohn, Lynn Madden, Diane McGee, Kaye Powell, Jill Shaw, Sandra Sisk, Lois Spiece, Mary Jeannette Wynn and honorary member, Caroline Cole.