Macedonia news

By Lou McQuary
Ernie Fuller was moved to Baptist Desoto in Southaven last week. He was flown by airplane because the doctor didn’t think he was well enough to withstand the long drive from Tallahassee. He is receiving therapy three times a day. The family is elated that he is doing as well as he is doing.
Regina Russell had her stitches out last week, and she is improving. She still has to be careful with her right arm, and it is still very sore.
The Endowment Fund for West Union School was first started in 1986 and was active until 1992. It was dormant from 1993-2011. The Endowment was re-energized in 2011 during the planning phase of the 50th anniversary of West Union to provide a permanent growing financial base for West Union Attendance Center. This financial base is to be used to meet the educational needs of the school that cannot be funded through the budgeting of District funds. A new board was assembled, bylaws were drafted, a new tax ID number was applied for and received. 501C3 paperwork was filed and accepted and funds from different banks were consolidated into one account to create the now existent West Union Endowment for Public Education, Inc.
Within one year of re-establishing, the endowment fund grew by over $11,000. At that point the Board made the decision to invest those monies with CREATE and an initial investment of $58,000 was made on July 30, 2012.
This past week the Endowment Fund gave their initial grants to teachers at West Union. Barbara Bowen, fifth and sixth grade reading/language teacher received 9 Kindle Fires with a wireless router. Mr. Hawks, 9th and 10th grade English teacher, was given a Sony HD camera with lots of accessories. Mrs. Ashley Henderson, 8th, transitions/algebra teacher, received CBL Sensor project which is used with the graphing calculator. The Endowment Fund hopes to continue this by awarding grants to maximize the educational impact to our students for our dollars spent.
Current board members of the Endowment Fund are Brian Manning, Gary Gray, Gina Garrett, Donna Weeden, Gaylon Baird, Johnny Garrison, Amy Greer, Ann Haynie, Sue Morrisson, Mike Kirk, Angie Corder, Jennifer Burks, and Tori Guerro. Sonny Downs rotated off the board in July.
Anyone who would like to donate to this worthy cause can send donations to WU Endowment for Public Education, P.O. Box 533, New Albany, MS 38652. The more that we invest, the more we can give back to our school at West Union.
Excitement was in the air Friday at West Union when it was announced that West Union was rated an “A” school for the past year. Mr. Jamey Wright, principal of West Union, and Mr. Matt Thompson, assistant principal of West Union, both had their heads shaved. They had promised the students that they would have their heads shaved if the students did well on the tests. Being rated an “A” school is quite an honor. The other three county schools were rated “B” as well as the Union County Schools as a whole. That is quite an accomplishment, and we are proud of every student, every teacher, and every staff member of Union County.
Macedonia Senior Adults are planning two great trips to see “Annie” at BMC on Friday, Oct. 4, at 1 p.m. and “The Buddy Holly Story” on Thursday, Oct. 17, at the Orpheum. Contact Kathy McNeer at 816-4607 if interested.
We will have a youth-led service next Sunday night, Sept. 22, at Macedonia. I am looking forward to it. I always love the youths taking charge.
Tommy Shroads and Katie Foley will be married at Macedonia Baptist Church on Saturday, Sept. 28, at 2 p.m.
Thought for the week: Never look down on anyone. Only God sits that high.