New Century Club September meeting

The New Century Club met in the home of Jean Dillard on Wednesday, Sept. 4. Shelia Robbins, President, presided over the business session. Members were reminded that the club would be host for Lunching with Books on Oct. 15. Linda Everett, Vice President, introduced the theme for this year, Books That Inspire, and distributed yearbooks. She also introduced the guest speaker for the program, her husband Reverend Bill Everett.
Bro. Everett reviewed the book The Shack by William P. Young, the son of missionaries in New Guinea. The author was encouraged by his wife to write this book for their six children as a Christmas gift. A Christian novel, this book was published in 2007 by the author and some of his friends because 26 publishers turned him down. Fifteen copies were published at first and by 2008 sales had reached 10 million copies as the Windblown Media group worked with a marketing budget of $200.
Program Leader Everett shared that The Shack is a work of fiction that includes conversations of the main character, Mack, who encounters at a shack the manifestation of the three persons of the Trinity-God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. This shack is the location of the place where Mack’s daughter’s bloodied clothing was found after she was abducted. The daughter’s body was never found and a note in Mack’s mailbox from “Papa” to meet him at the shack led him there.
Program Leader Everett shared that throughout the book relationships are important to Mack. The Shack represents a place where Mack can find healing and Bro. Everett shared that the author wanted to write this book, publish it, and help people with their own struggles. Even though the book has been considered controversial by some, many lives have been touched by Mack’s story that contains some theological truth in the fictional book.
Members present were Collett Cross, Jean Dillard, Linda Everett, Susan Feather, Michelle Hagins, Joy Hill, Libby Harrison, Lynn Madden, Martha Frances Monroe, Mary Tate Pannell, Grace Provence, Anna Quinn, Shelia Robbins, Kay Sappington, Joan Smith, Jill Smith, Rheta Ann West and guest, Reverend Bill Everett.