Unhappy with county

Dear Editor:

This letter is in regard to a meeting I had with the Union County Supervisors in August. It concerned my garbage bin being full and needing emptied. I also talked to them about a stopped up culvert of mine, and a ditch that was overgrown.

Mr. Danny Jordan told me they would come out and look at my bin and then get it emptied. They brought a dump truck and backhoe to do this job. They bent my bin and left it that way; it was not bent before.
They said they would be back the next day to clean the ditches and bush hog. It took two weeks and all they did was cut a little on the edge of the road.
I pay taxes just like other people. And I have pictures of them cutting other banks up to the trees on across the ditches. I just want my banks cut, too.
I was told by one of the workers that Mr. Jordan said I was nothing but a smart ….  I don’t think he has the right to talk about me in this way. I guess he thinks I am a joke. But I’m not. (I help pay his salary.)

Shirley L. Hale