Blue Springs board continues to deal with growth issues

The Village of Blue Springs held their monthly board meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 1, with an agenda including items reflecting the growth of the village and the need for planning.
Present at the meeting were Mayor Rita Gentry, clerk Jan Musgrove, Aldermen Leanna Hollis, Shirley Allen, Malcom Leath, Lynda Bramlett and Lisa Shelton, town police officer Anthony Anderson and city attorney Chandler Rogers.
The first order of business was the approval of last month’s meeting, with a motion to accept made by Alderman Leanna Hollis and a second by Alderman Shirley Bramlett, all in favor and motion carried.
The approval of the claims docket had a motion to approve by Alderman Malcom Leath and a second by Alderman Lynda Bramlett, all in favor and motion carried.
Under new business, the mayor was served a notification of the intent of the Town of Sherman to move forward with annexation plans.
The mayor announced the date of Nov. 21-22 in Tunica for a Small Town Conference and encouraged the board members to attend. The mayor and town clerk would also like to attend. Alderman Leanna Hollis made a motion to approve the mayor and town clerk to attend along with any board member that could work it into their schedule.
The alderman had a discussion and inquiry about the mobile home/camper ordinance. Blue Springs Attorney Chandler Rogers confirmed there was an ordinance in effect.
Curt Clayton reported the county is willing to enter into a interlocal agreement with the Village of Blue Springs to serve as animal control. The county requests Blue Springs cover the expense of $25 per animal to hold for seven days and the carry to the humane shelter in Tupelo. County Attorney Thad Muller will draw up the agreement for both boards to approve.
The mayor held a discussion about the need to have a storage building. Alderman Leath volunteered to look into prices for suitable buildings and sizes to fit the present need and have room for future needs.
Railroad crossing improvement work began Thursday, Oct. 3.
The property maintenance ordinance was presented and Alderman Leanna Hollis made a motion to accept and Alderman Shirley Allen offered a second and the motion carried.
New police and court operations and procedures were tabled until attorney Rogers and city Police Chief Anderson can work through the packet and bring back a recommendation to the board.
A guest addressed the board with concerns over a dispute over dogs in the neighborhood. Police Chief Anthony Anderson asked both parties involved to contact him and to settle the dispute in a court of law and to follow the proper channels.
Another guest addressed the board over an alderman approaching her in a local store about registering her dogs at the volunteer dog registration day. The guest felt the alderman approached her in a disrespectful manner. The mayor and alderman apologized for the incident and thanked her for coming to the board with her concern.
Another guest came before the board to inquire about the regulation of placing a manufactured home on her property. The board advised her that all she needed was one-half acre of land and proper tie-downs.
Alderman Lynda Bramlett introduced her guest, John Young, as a candidate for the Planning Committee to bring his expertise as a businessman. Young expressed his interest in Blue Springs and its growth.
Next meeting, Tuesday, Nov. 5, but because of the election, the meeting will not begin until 7:30. Alderman Leanna Hollis made a motion to adjourn, Alderman Leia Shelton made second, all in favor and motion carried.