Tuckered after stressful week

Whatever happened to Saturday? That’s was my thinking when I crawled out of bed and headed outside with the dogs for their morning pit stop on Sunday.

It seemed to disappear, just as the whole week had. Coming off a whirlwind trip the weekend before to Kansas City, the week seemed to fly by. By Friday night, when I headed to the New Albany football game, I was hard pressed to figure out what I had accomplished.
Oh, I had gone through the motions, plugging in numbers for next year’s budget at the Gazette, among my other duties. But I was pretty tired and my heart really wasn’t in it. I try to keep budgets in perspective. I had a boss once who said a budget really isn’t anything but a wild guess on one day about some future time. He used to joke that he had little idea how many people would buy ads in the paper next month; trying to figure out next year was not worth losing sleep over.
Anyhow, I put some numbers into the spreadsheet and tried to get focused on the real task ahead – putting together the November issue of New Albany Magazine. Rreaders and advertisers like the magazines, but doing them is a lot of work.
By Saturday morning, what I needed was time to relax. Instead, I hardly had a spare minute. At least that’s my opinion. My wife points out that I sat on the couch for more than nine hours watching football on television, while she graded papers from her fourth-grade class and did laundry.
“But it was stressful,” I whined.
My Saturday started with grocery shopping, while Jenny talked with her mother in Kentucky on the phone. It’s a Saturday ritual. I got home in time to catch the start of the game between my alma mater, the Missouri Tigers, and the Georgia Bulldogs. Having endured ribbing for a year about how Missouri wasn’t good enough to play in the Southeastern Conference, my stress level was pretty high. Fortunately, Missouri pulled off the upset.
Then I watched my Clemson Tigers (I lived near Clemson for 15 years) play Boston College. They were expected to win big, but for a while it didn’t look like they were going to win at all.
After that, I cooked dinner. I had promised to make my from-scratch Thai green curry, a family favorite that gets my nerves up because it requires doing several things at once. Last time, I messed it up and left out a couple of ingredients.
I had just gotten under way when our son Joe, a geology major at Ole Miss, started asking me questions about who could help him with his Geographic Information Systems class. He has a complicated project about the height of levies and the cost to build them to prevent flooding on the river in New Albany. It was all Greek to me. I thought I was going to need Advil before Jenny intervened with, “when he’s making curry is not a good time, Joe.”
By the time the Ole Miss-Texas A&M game was over, I was tuckered. I don’t know whether I get more tired playing couch offense or couch defense.
It’s time to rest up before next Saturday’s big games. The coaches may need me.

T. Wayne Mitchell, Gazette publisher, can be reached at 662-534-6321.