Macedonia news

By Lou McQuary
Larry and Lou McQuary went to Starkville to see their grandchildren play soccer at the Starkville Sportsplex on Friday, Oct. 11. Anna Claire and Abbie are both homeschooled and participate with other homeschoolers in the area in soccer. Homeschooling is a popular alternative to the public schools, and many groups make great efforts to be sure they have the same opportunities for sports and other extracurricular activities as children in the public schools. Lou and Larry finished up the evening with a meal at Oby’s, one of their favorite places in Starkville to eat.
Savannah Shirley came in second in the 4000-meter race in the XC meet for Union County on Saturday, Oct. 12. She was surrounded by Myrtle girls at the finish line. Congratulations Savannah for holding your own with your county rivals.
Jackson McGaha had his first birthday party at his home on Saturday, Oct. 12. He had a John Deere cake. Celebrating with him were family and friends. He received lots of toys and some clothes. Jackson is the son of Courtney and Joseph McGaha and the grandson of Mike and Angela Kirk and Beverly and Bob McGaha.
Amanda and Brandon Kisor and Cade Nowlin enjoyed a weekend in Gatlinburg, Tenn. They enjoyed wading in Cade’s Creek and fishing with a black bear. They ate at Lumberjack Feud where Brandon’s beard won him the honor of “Star of Wood Duck Dynasty.” Riding on the gut-wrenching roller coaster at Dollywood was a thrill. On Saturday night they enjoyed roasting marshmallows and watching the Rebels play Texas A & M on television.
Congratulations to Valerie Carter for receiving the Best Beautician award for Union County. Valerie is married to Mike Carter, and they have two sons, Brock and Benjamin. Congratulations Valerie for winning this coveted award.

Anna Taylor Robbins’ dad, Tony Taylor, died on Sunday, Oct. 13. He was from Burnsville and had been sick with a lengthy bout of cancer.
We have had a Missions Fair at Macedonia the last two weeks. Tables were set up to represent the types of missions that we support at Macedonia. Missions represented were the Cooperative Program, Woman’s Missions Groups, BSU, World Hunger, Good Samaritan Shoebox Ministry, First Choice, Margaret Lackey, Annie Armstrong, Philippine Missions, and Lottie Moon. We have a yearly goal of $14,000 for missions in our church. No longer do we emphasize missions at certain times of the year. Rather we encourage our people to give all during the year. One poster brought out that if each family gave up a coke and a candy bar a day, our church would be able to easily exceed our goal. We feel strongly about missions at Macedonia, and we strive to carry out the Great Commission to all parts of the world.
Macedonia has begun another mission in our county this past week. We are sponsoring an after school program on Tuesday and Thursday of each week from 3-5 p.m. at West Union School. Students who are being employed to help us are Sam Sanders, Elizabeth Cornelius, Elizabeth Hasley, Jamie Turner, Hannah McQuary, and Olivia Williams. Our student substitute is Ashley Yeager. Adult volunteers are Melissa Williams, Casey Sanford, Angela Kirk, Patsy Grisham, and Lou McQuary. Adult volunteers include Kathryn Henderson, Kathy Knighton, and Beverly Black Hall. Bro. Louie contacted several businesses in the community to help fund this project. We will be working in the areas of math and reading for grades 3, 4, and 5.
Jennifer Stanton was honored with a baby shower on Sunday, Oct. 13 at Macedonia. She received many useful gifts.
Judgement House at Macedonia has been extended one more day, Oct. 23-27.
Thought for the week: Forgive those who mistreat you. Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior, but it prevents the destruction of your heart.