Cornersville-Blythe news

By Martha Hardy
We have certainly been enjoying this lovely fall weather, even though Chuck and I had been a bit unprepared for the cold and had not gotten our plants undercover. We had a mad rush on Saturday afternoon trying to get them in the greenhouse and basement, etc.
We have plants that have been in our collection for at least 30 years. One of them is a bird nest fern that my late husband gave me and he passed away in 1982. I do not remember how long I had it before his demise. And another one belonged to my mother who passed from this life in 1966.
We also have plants that Chuck has brought back from his travels in Asia, as well as the things he has ordered from around the world.
My sister Mary Allcorn gave me an Amazon lily (house plant). She has been gone from this earth for more than 20 years. This plant has a beautiful white flower and it continues to multiply over time until one has gobs of them to share. If any of my readers would like to have a bulb or more, I have lots of them to share. It is on the list of plants that are good to have inside the house as it is believed to help with removing toxins from the home.
My neighbor Ms. Velma Patterson has had company this past week: her son Billy Wayne Howard and wife Sandi from Orlando, Fla. Also here were grandsons Donald and wife Jesssie Sue and Curtis and wife Donna from Jackson.
Nellie Dawson has been enjoying visits with son David who lives in Virginia and works for Homeland Security there. He is on vacation and has also been visiting with his son Jeff who lives in Memphis.
There are some important dates in the month of October. On the twenty third Miss Hannah Greer will be five years old. Hannah is the daughter of Amy and David Greer and sister to Mary and David III. Happy Birthday to Hannah; may you have many more happy ones.
My brother-in law Ray Hardy and his twin sister Faye Tidwell will have a birthday on Halloween Oct.31
Also my friend Libby Lee from Union County Master Gardeners will have birthday on Oct 30. A friend and former neighbor, from when we lived in Memphis, Mary Ann Tarver will celebrate the day on Oct. 23.
One more important celebration will occur on the twenty seventh as my friends and neighbors Betty and David Greer Sr. will be having their wedding anniversary.
We enjoyed the company of son Norman and wife Tina and granddaughter McKenzie, and Chuck and wife Sally all from the Memphis area, for lunch Saturday and Chuck and Sally stayed with us rest of weekend and went to church with us on Sunday.
This is all for now but here is a thought from Ella Wheeler Wilcox: “For every hour of pain I have had a day of pleasure. For every moment of worry, an hour of content.”
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