Macedonia news

By Lou McQuary
Recently Regina Russell and her sister, Pam Harrison, treated their parents, Jamie and Rachel Hill, with a visit to Lawrenceburg, Tenn. They enjoyed going to the sawmill, and they watched them make molasses. The gals bought baskets, sweet potatoes, and molasses while Mr. Jamie enjoyed “getting his eyes full” of all the activities. They ate at The Top of the River Restaurant in Corinth. The girls were delighted to take their parents on a day trip which was so enjoyable to them, and they are grateful that they are still well enough to be able to get out.

On Thursday, Oct. 17, the Senior Citizens from Macedonia went to the Orpheum in Memphis to see “The Buddy Holley Story.” Attending were Francis Bynum, Joe and Kathy McNeer, Kaye Page, Patsy and Harold Grisham, Maddie Underwood, Eva Crawley, Judy Cooper, Faye Jumper, and Larry McQuary. They ate at Cracker Barrel before the performance.
Kathryn Henderson’s home is a little quieter this week. Michelle Thompson, her daughter, visited from Friday, Oct. 11, until Sunday, Oct. 20. Michelle lives in Bay St. Louis and works in law enforcement.
They went to two Ole Miss games in Oxford, but the highlight was the LSU game on Saturday, Oct. 19, where Ole Miss was victorious. I imagine that will be a game they will remember for a long time.
Michelle and Kathryn enjoyed being together since Michelle doesn’t get to visit much. They shopped in New Albany and Pontotoc one day. They also babysat Timbo and Ashley Henderson’s baby several days. Timbo is Michelle’s stepbrother.
On Friday, Oct. 11, I went to stay with my sister, Vera Gaines, for the night. We went to the Extraordinary Conference for Women in Southaven on Friday night and Saturday. She lives in Senatobia, only about 30 minutes away from Southaven.

We had a weekend full of gospel singing and speakers. Michael O’Brien from Nashville leads the singing. On the way down he ran into a deer, but he managed to get there. He always does such a good job leading us to get ready to worship.
The speakers were all so good, but my favorite was Miss Kay, from Duck Dynasty. If you haven’t read about them, you should get the book, Happy, Happy, Happy. You will be amazed at their story. Phil was addicted to alcohol for about 10 years and put Miss Kay through torment. Her grandmother had drilled into her head from a young child that marriage was for life. Every time she thought her life was unbearable, she thought of what her grandmother had taught her.

It gave me chill bumps to see what God has done with a person God saved who was once addicted to alcohol. Phil and his offspring have witnessed to thousands of people about what God has done for them. Sometimes we want to write people off and say they are no good and will never amount to anything. But we underestimate the power of God and what He can do with a surrendered life. God has blessed their show, Duck Dynasty, and it has allowed many people to be reached who couldn’t be reached in conventional ways. I am glad to know that God is still working in our country despite all the evil that is present in our world.
Sarah Farr, Kay Russell, Sharon Roberts, Holly Coffey, and Belinda Davis took a tour of the Amish community in Etheridge, Tenn. on Saturday, Oct. 19. They brought home jellies, bread, peanuts, soaps, and various canned delights. They saw laundry hanging everywhere, and children of stair-step ages at the homes. At one home, the lady was selling her bread as fast as it came out of the oven. The Amish are very interesting to visit although they are too busy for chit chat. They are very hard working people. I love electricity too much to be Amish!!
I hope next week to have exciting news to report from our Judgment House which ends Sunday, Oct. 27.

Thought for the week: The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind us.