Toyota fund backs new classes

Although the Wellspring Center for Professional Futures’ opening may still be a few years down the road, organizers for the school are still aggressive in creating new opportunities in education.

Dr. Charles Garrett with the Wellspring Center for Professional Futures, recently spoke to members of Kappa Kappa Iota about the progress of the Wellspring Center and about the importance of having career awareness.
He said that the money isn’t available at this time to build the Wellspring Center yet, but the plans are still to have the center built in the future.
However, Garrett talked about a course that is being implemented in January 2014 through the Toyota Education Enhancement Fund and he talked about another course that might be implemented in the future.
The course that will begin in Jan is the eApp Development and Marketing course. This course will allow high school junior and seniors to write applications for mobile devices. Then, a team of professors from Mississippi State University will demonstrate how to market the app to the Apple App Store, Android Marketplace, or sell on their own.
The deadline has already passed for enrollment. Academic credit will be received from the respective high school and Mississippi State University.
The classes will be held online on Tuesdays and Thursdays from the respective school from 7:45-8:35 a.m. and will be held from 9-11 a.m. on Saturdays at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi in Blue Springs.
The other course that is still in the planning stages is a two-semester course in ‘Careers in the Health Care Industry.’
Garrett said that he believes that career awareness is important for students to develop.
He said, “Whenever someone stops going to school, they need to know what type of jobs and what types of areas they can go into for a career.”
He said that the top five majors in college in the United States are business, general studies, social sciences and history, psychology, and the health profession.
“It would be good if the students could have a broader idea of what they would see when they get ready to walk through this world and know what to do when they see an opportunity. I wish kids would have a bigger frame of reference so when opportunity knocks, they know when to take it,” said Garrett.
For more information call Dr.  Garrett at 662-316-3944.