Electing a coroner

Next Tuesday we will conduct a special election in Union County for the office of county coroner/medical examiner.

A low turnout is expected and that is unfortunate because recent events show how important electing a quality individual is to an office that usually operates with little fanfare and in relative obscurity.
The reason we are having the election, of course, is the resignation of Mark Golding, who recently pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud.
A state auditor’s office investigation determined he submitted false claims totaling more than $276,000 to the Union County Board of Supervisors. He altered records and submitted false death investigation reports.
It will be hard for many voters to sort through the 13 candidates who have filed for the office. The only requirement to run is that the coroner/medical examiner be 21 years old, and have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Once elected, the office holder is required to attend a small amount of state training.
To us, the coroner/medical examiner needs to have the compassion and personality to deal with distraught families, and the matter-of-fact attention to detail that fits in well with the health care community and law enforcement.
We encourage you to go to the polls to help select the right individual. We don’t expect anyone to be elected outright Tuesday, but the top two vote getters will face off two weeks later in another election.
Electing a quality person with high standards is important. Do your part.