Cornersville-Blythe news

By Martha Hardy
Even though we have had several nights that the temperature has dropped down to the freezing point and has gotten all my plants that we meant to save, put inside etc., we still have lots of things that have not been killed, such as my cherry tomato plant. It has been such a great bearer of fruit over the summer. I have enjoyed it so much.
My neighbors in the Cornersville area will be sure to take notice of the beautiful new steeple recently installed atop the Methodist Church. It stands out and makes a great addition to the neighborhood.
During The Middle Ages the purpose of the church steeple was to make the church visible from any part of town. At that time everything from civil institutions to education revolved around the church.
It was the heart of any European town and was built to be the tallest structure in town for all to see and be reminded of the church’s importance in their lives. So bless you, people of Cornersville Methodist. We will all enjoy looking at your steeple and remembering its purpose.
In last week news I wrote about the visitors from Jackson, Miss. and Orlando, Fla. of my neighbor Ms Velma Patterson, but somehow failed to mention she also had another son, Michael Howard and wife Melanie and son Hunter. Please accept apologies for the oversight.
Salem Baptist Church WMU will be hosting, as guest speaker retired missionary Charles Smothers . He will be speaking on Lottie Moon Missions. The date is Nov. 6 at the regular business meeting and potluck dinner.
This past week has been so cool and yard work so little it was a good time to catch up with all my friends in faraway places, some of my former neighbors in Memphis as well as those from the days I worked in Washington, D.C. It has been very pleasant time reminiscing and taking a walk down memory lane. On the day I spoke with my friend Barbra Lowman in Asheville, N.C, she said it was cold and they had expected snow and or sleet, however the sun was shining at the time. Sometimes the weatherman does not get it right. Another friend still lives in Memphis, Mary Tarver. I called to wish her a happy birthday. She had already been treated to lunch by some of her friends and the children and grands were planning a celebration the following weekend .
Sue and Bill Rowland are visiting relatives this week in Florida. Daughter Deanna Knight lives in Ormand Beach. Her son Caleb Knight has had a birthday so grandparents were there to celebrate. Happy birthday, Caleb.
Sue and Bill are also visiting her aunt Lavern and husband Jack Provost who live in Salt Lake, Fla. This is a small town near Orlando.
I spoke to a Blythe neighbor, Annie McCallum. She tells me she has not been feeling well these days and was unable to go to church Sunday. We send our get-well wishes and prayers your way, Annie.
We will soon be getting a new neighbor in Cornersville. Jon Rowland has purchased the former home of the Bobby Thompson family. Welcome to Cornersville, Jon.
This is all I have for now but leave you with this thought. It comes from Will Rogers, who said, “Diplomacy is the art of saying ‘Nice doggie’ until you can find a rock.”
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