Macedonia news

By Lou McQuary
On Saturday, Oct. 26, Ava Grace Russell celebrated her fourth birthday at her home with a pirate party.The children came dressed as pirates, and Ava Grace was dressed as Izzy from the cartoon “Jack and the Never Land Pirates.” Children celebrating with Ava were Amya Slack; Garrison Carpenter; Jed Rucker Long; Zoey and Chloe Wright; Jackson Hill; Nick Little; Max and Tripp Willard; Bently Neal; Lydie, Mason, and Cole Coffey; and Cohen Russell.
The children ate hot dogs and had ice cream and cake. Then the fun began. They had a treasure hunt in the back yard sand box. Treasures such as coins, marbles, necklaces, swords, and lizards were hidden in the sand, and the children had to hunt for them. They also had a treasure chest pinata. Ava Grace was 4 on Oct. 8, and she is the daughter of Ashley and Jennifer Russell. She has a younger brother named Cohen.
Curtis Melvin Moody has recently been in the hospital with pneumonia. He is suffering from lung cancer. Now he is at home under the watchful eye of his wife, Janice.
John Edd Hargrove is in the hospital in Tupelo. His white count got so low that he couldn’t fight off infection, and his oxygen levels dropped to dangerous levels. Since his wife, Mary, has retired, she is better able to take care of him with the assistance of other family members.
Gerald Bass is in the nursing home in Oxford, and Tammy is getting the paperwork done for him to be moved to a long-term facility. Gerald is the father of Tammy Wilkerson.
Macedonia Baptist has been buzzing all week with sounds of gunshots, squeals, singing, groaning, and happy shouts. Our second Judgment House started on Wednesday, Oct. 23, and continued through Sunday, Oct. 27. A total of 995 people came through Judgment House. Several decisions were made. Thirty-one people prayed to receive Christ and 65 rededications were made. Many, many prayer requests were also offered up. May God receive all the honor and glory.
The story this year centered on three families who all had someone they were concerned about. The first family was concerned for the mother, the second family the son, and the third family the person the daughter was dating. All went to the Beach Shack to eat, and there was a drive-by shooting. Several were killed, including some who were saved and some who were not. The story carries you through judgment where those who weren’t prepared had to give an account to the Judge and subsequently be dragged to hell. Those who were prepared were allowed to enter heaven.
The hell scene is particularly poignant. This year one person walked through all the scenes, but at the hell scene came forth as the devil. This person presented how the devil is all amongst us, and we don’t even know it. Then the devil transformed into a “real” devil played by Mark Bridges. Someone remarked that he could play that part professionally. He made it real.
From hell we went to heaven, and it was a glorious scene. It was depicted as holy and had a smokey mist suggesting a heavenly scene. A great reunion took place as the new arrivals were greeted by those who had gone on before. The last stop was the counseling room where people were given the opportunity to make a decision.
Participating in Judgment House is very demanding. I know that God is pleased with every one of the 160 people who made sacrifices in order to be a part. Special thanks goes to Angela Kirk and John Michael Garrett for all their hard work and excellent leadership.
Mark your calendars for the following events: Nov. 10, baby shower for Lakin and Jacob Douglass; Nov. 17, ordination of Greg Conlee as deacon; Nov. 24, Community Thanksgiving service; Nov. 25, Women’s Christmas celebration.
Thought for the week: “I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend.” Abraham Lincoln