Flowers mean an anniversary

Today’s my wedding anniversary. I could brag about how I remembered it, but technically that wouldn’t be the case. Actually, it wouldn’t be the case, technically or otherwise.

I knew it because of the bouquet of flowers in the middle of the kitchen table. They arrived Saturday, brought by a woman from a local flower shop, but ordered in Kentucky by Jenny’s parents.
It’s ironic that Jenny’s mother, who is reaching the age where she can be very forgetful, remembers our anniversary, and we don’t.
“How many is it?” Jenny asked.
“I think it is 14. What year were we married?” I replied.
“1999,” she said.
“Then it’s 14,” I said, doing the math in my head.
The trouble started when we chose to get married on Nov. 20, a few days before Thanksgiving. That year, Thanksgiving was on Nov. 25.
Our son Joe’s birthday is Nov. 23. Some years we have a whole week of celebrations.
But there’s that tricky way Thanksgiving moves around. (Whose idea was that anyway? Oh sure, I understand it has to be a Thursday – or does it?)
Anyhow, I use Thanksgiving to help me remember the important dates in my life – and this year, it’s too late and no help.
Most of it has to do with our holiday traditions.
We drive to my sister’s house near Kansas City a day or two before Thanksgiving, sometimes spending our anniversary or Joe’s birthday on the road. We usually celebrate our anniversary by going out to eat when we get to my sister’s; we celebrate Joe’s birthday the day after Thanksgiving at Dave and Buster’s, kind of a Chuck E. Cheese for the older crowd.
This year, though, we will have had our anniversary and Joe’s birthday long before we leave for Kansas City.
And now we don’t really know what to do.
One thing we won’t be doing is going out to dinner. Jenny is busy, as usual, with schoolwork, and we are in one of our busiest weeks at the Gazette. It’s the heart of holiday advertising season.
Probably, we’ll just act like it didn’t happen until we arrive at my sister’s house next Wednesday.
We might do the same for Joe’s birthday.
It’s Saturday, but so far Joe hasn’t even been able to come up with anything he wants, except for a power cord for his laptop computer. His old one started to smell like it was burning and then quit working. If we put off the observance until next Friday, we’ll have a little more time to figure out a gift.
Of course, we never forget which day is actually Joe’s birthday.
It’s easy to remember because Jenny’s parents always make sure the birthday card gets here on time.

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