Cornersville-Blythe news

By Martha Hardy
Here is hoping this rain we have been getting is helping to replenish our water tables. I just read this week that some of us waste too much water when there are places that are in need of it. We will have to keep in mind that the Lord knows our needs and has promised that He will fill them. But I am sure we all could be more conservative in our use of natural resources.
We here on Hardy Hill enjoyed having most of our immediate family members with us this weekend.
Chuck and Sally did not get to come down on Friday, as they usually do, as she had an appointment to have some work done concerning her immigration status. But they came after this was done on Saturday. Norman was already here as he and Austin were talking about going hunting. However, the hunt was to no avail, so here’s hoping for better luck next time.
Conditions beyond my control prevented my attending Sunday morning services at Salem Baptist Church. However I have heard that the sermon given by Rev. Charles Smothers was very good and I can concur with that thought as I did get to the evening service. May God continue to bless you Bro. and Mrs. Smothers. Bro. Smothers has been filling in for our pastor, Bro. Randy Byrum, who with his wife Sheila are on vacation in the Smoky Mountains. They are celebrating the second anniversary of marriage.
I also missed the annual harvest dinner, which is given to the elder members and families but the report is that it was a huge success with much good food and well-attended.
We have several get-well messages to send today. Mary Minor, who is the community correspondent for Potts Camp, has suffered a fall and has a broken bone in her foot.
Salem member Terrell Rhea has requested prayer as he is going to have to have a procedure having to do with his pacemaker. Others to be remembered in prayer are our neighbor Steve Rhea, also Vivian Higgins who is the mother of neighbor Bo and the grandma of our young friend Alesha.
We also send our get-well wishes to Gary McCollum, son of Annie and Jack. Gary is in the Tupelo hospital as he has been suffering with severe headaches. The doctors say he has had bleeding inside head that they are treating to dissolve.
Ben Hogue is at the time of this writing in the hospital in Germantown, Tenn. with lung problems and it is extremely painful.
May God bless each one of you, comfort and heal.
Congratulations are in order for Ms. Kara Scott, daughter of former neighbor John and wife Kathrine and the granddaughter of my long-time friend and neighbor Carolyn Scott. Kara competed in a 5K race in Oxford recently and came in first place in her age division. Her brother Rhodes and dad John are also runners. Way to go, Scott family.
Nellie Dawson enjoyed a visit recently from our brother, Jim Castleberry, and wife Karen as well as the
pastor of their church in Byhalia, Bro. Tony and wife Gerri Roberts.
In closing I will leave you with this thought : Make every day count. This is not a dress rehearsal; we only get one chance to serve God and fellow man. Land line 988-3685. Cell 316-8963.