The great rooster chase


Editor’s note: Diners and shoppers near the Wal-Mart area may have noticed a strange commotion about noon Nov. 5. Here is a first-hand account of what happened:

During a quick lunch break on Nov. 5, I spotted a rooster at the drive-through of Taco Bell in New Albany. I can’t say how he got there but I can say, as a chicken raiser myself, that the thought of him being squashed in the road seemed unbearable and a waste of a good fowl.
Phone calls were made asking for help as I was well aware of how hard it can be to catch a sly and flighty roo and before I could put much more thought into what I should do the cavalry showed up.
Two pick-up trucks pulled up and out poured some of Union County’s finest young men – Myrtle students on the way to be fitted for tuxedos. Zack Perkins, Tanner Cox, Devin Pearce, Kyle Taylor, Taylor Hogue, Neal Scott, Will Jumper, Ben Ausburn and J.D. Messer gathered for the Great Taco Bell Rooster Chase of 2013.
And it’s on. The boys surround the rooster as he hides beneath a bush behind the order menu with leery eyes. I shout grabbing tips as they edge closer to the target. One makes a move and the rooster takes flight over his head and into the road.
They were quick to regroup and herd the roo back to the grassy side of the drive-through. A second attempt deemed a similar fate as the boys ran and the roo kept a healthy lead. Through the lot and back to the bushes they kept the rooster surrounded, yet were unable to get a hold of the now obviously seasoned running rooster.
As the rooster made another break for it the boys cornered him yet again in the entryway of Taco Bell.
Zack Perkins is cheered on for finally catching the rooster.
Zack Perkins, using skills only a coached young man could have, tossed his shirt onto the fowl, grabbing him quickly and holding him tight to his chest.
Cheers erupted from the boys and myself. Taco Bell employees and onlookers that had gathered gave whoops and hollers befitting of a winning score played at the last second of the game.
And the rooster you ask? Well, he was the luckiest of them all. An uncle took him in at his local farm where he has found happiness, a chicken buddy and a calm life strolling the property looking for bugs and crowing to the dawn.

Tracey Murphree