The Playhouse

“How marvelous – how wonderful . . .” It was another familiar hymn, and the mega sanctuary of voices swelled into the lofty ceilings with this praise song. Once again the words were retrieved from my childhood, but these were adult words singing of our indebtedness to our Savior. The chorus carried the heaviest words – “How marvelous, how wonderful, and my song shall ever be.”
I continued to sing but concentrated on those few words – “and my song shall ever be.” Was that my song? If it were, how often did I “sing” it?
By the second chorus I all but whispered those professing words, convicted that they were not always my song. There were days when “murmuring” songs led my list: “This weather is cold one day and hot the next.” “I can’t believe Christmas is so close – where did November go? I haven’t even begun my list of presents.” “Grocery prices are ridiculous – those and gas prices are chomping away at my retirement funds.”
Other times my songs haven’t been about focusing on the Creator but the created. The words don’t make any kind of musical beauty because they resonate with MY wants, My needs, My hurts, My pains, My disappointments, My losses, My difficulties. Some of the country music artists are adept at writing and singing songs with similar themes, but we Christians shouldn’t fall into that category.
Proverbs lists the seven things that God hates, and lying is one of them. Learning that fact years ago convicted me that a lying tongue should never be a part of my anatomy. However, I learned Sunday that lies can be sung. I found myself belting out a lie, and I suspect I wasn’t the only one.
Knowing I wasn’t the only “liar” in the worship service gave me little comfort. It was a personal conviction, and I took it personally. I just hoped somewhere during the service we’d stand and sing “Amazing Grace.” It would have been appropriate for my conviction and identification with a “wretch like me.”
Camille Anding