Thanksgiving break

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Our schools are on Thanksgiving break this week and our sports activities are minimal as a result. Since this is Thanksgiving week, it seems to be a good time to share my thanks and appreciation.
I’m thankful for the opportunity to share sports with readers each week. It’s great to have a job, but it’s even greater to focus on the accomplishments of our young people and our schools. Hopefully we are making a difference there in getting names and photos in print, online and on social media.
I have been blessed by making connections in advertising and through sports with the wonderful people of Union County. We truly live in a great county and area, surrounded by some genuinely interesting and dedicated people.
A special thanks to my family for allowing me to go out and cover our local sports and work on other newspaper-related things at home. I have lost some time at home doing this, but I am trying hard to balance the two. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and three terrific sons and I appreciate them all.
I am thankful that I have a place of employment, there are some in our area who cannot say that and I need to ever be mindful of that. I need to always use my work in the following context and this is not original with me. “The best way to turn wearisome toil into wonderful work is to accept your job as a gift from God, to do your job as a mission for God, and to enjoy your job as an opportunity to help others in God’s name.”
I want to thank Lynn for all his help and expertise in the newspaper business that has been invaluable for me. Also thanks Lynn for not choking me on the many times I have messed up in my attempts at getting this product out. I have fallen on my face many times and the ground keeps getting further away with each fall. It’s hard work, but we’ve had fun, too.
Thanks to Tracey for being a good sport and taking my jokes and tricks in good humor. I know I have given you the business on occasion. Thanks for all your help with our weekly chores. I mean really.
Finally I want to thank the people that read this column, whether you be many or few in number. I trust this has been a source of information and also encouragement as well. Thanks for your encouragement in return. Hopefully, other than this writing, this space has been used to promote others and not myself. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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