Right move by sheriff

The Union County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a new system designed to help victims and other citizens know when an offender has been released from the Union County Jail.

It’s an automated system that the state offers using a federal grant called the Statewide Automated Victim Information Notification service or SAVIN, which provides notification through a telephone or computer when the status of someone at the jail has changed. The county will spend about $35,000 to participate in the system.
“Protecting our citizens is always our highest priority,” Sheriff Jimmy Edwards said in announcing the service. “SAVIN provides an added level of protection because it gives anyone access to information about offenders throughout the state.”
You can register for the SAVIN program by phone by calling I-888-9-SAVIN, online at vinelink.com or by obtaining the VINEMobile app for your phone. The service is free to participants and anonymous.
Edwards said the system is important because sometimes before someone is arrested, he or she will threaten to hurt someone when released from jail.
“You never know if someone is going to follow through on a threat,” Edwards said. “That’s why this system is such a useful tool so that a victim is instantly notified when that person is bonded out of jail.”
We agree with the sheriff that this is an excellent service to provide citizens. It’s another example of the many ways in which our federal tax money is used to benefit us here in Union County.
Union County has made the right move in joining this system.