Looking good from the street

Christmas is coming early this year, or at least it seems like it at our house. We’re not even near ready.

Oh, the tree has been up for a couple of weeks. And a neighbor walking her dog stopped me to mention how pretty she thinks it looks from the street. If only she knew.
The fact is the tree does look really nice from the street. It has those LED lights that shine so bright. But that’s all it has. The large box of ornaments and other stuff that hangs on the tree is still sitting next to it in the living room – unopened.
The reason the tree has lights is because we had to buy all new strands this year. Ziggy, our very active house cat, chewed up lots of bulbs (and some wires) last Christmas season.
A couple of the light strands wouldn’t light by the time we took the tree down and packed it away.
This year we bought the micro LED lights. We thought they might be so small that he wouldn’t be able to chew on them as readily. Something is working; so far he hasn’t bothered them.
I suggested to Jenny that maybe it’s the shiny ornaments that attract him to climb into the tree:
“We could just save ourselves a lot of trouble if we leave them in the box,” I said. Our son Joe thought so, too.
Jenny gave me her best “You Scrooge” look, and outvoted us – 1 to 2.
The ornaments are only the beginning. Last year’s Christmas cards are still lying in the wicker basket where we piled them after opening them last year.
I never got around to double-checking and updating the addresses on the list on my computer.
I had good intentions a couple of months ago and bought several boxes of Christmas cards. But I haven’t started our annual Christmas letter to friends, and the cards are still in the boxes. If I don’t get started soon, it may be a New Year’s letter.
Of course, most of this is nothing new. We usually have a late rush to get our cards out and our gifts bought and wrapped before heading to Jenny’s parents’ house in northern Kentucky on Dec. 23 or 24 for Christmas.
But there is an even tighter deadline this year.
We’re not going to Kentucky because Christmas is in the middle of the week and I can’t be off that much time during the holidays. Instead, Jenny’s parents are coming here.
We have to have all those things done – and the house totally cleaned up for guests – by Dec. 20, which is Jenny’s last day of school before Christmas vacation. Her parents arrive at the Memphis airport at 3:24 p.m. She’s a little stressed.
And Joe, who is good at cleaning, won’t be here to help. He’s leaving Dec. 15 to visit his father for a week in Winston-Salem, N.C.
At least we’ve got a good-looking Christmas tree. Now, about those ornaments …

T. Wayne Mitchell, publisher of the Gazette, can be reached by phone at 662-534-6321 or by email at wayne.mitchell@journalinc.com.