Sharing in the holiday

Christmas is fast approaching and time is short for providing holiday help for families in need in Union County through the Gazette’s Sharing at Christmas program.

Frankly, we are a bit concerned about the pace of contributions o support the program that has been sponsored by the Gazette for 39 years.
We have set a fundraising goal of $15,000 for this year’s campaign, but so far a little less than $8,000 has been contributed.
Toys already have been purchased and a semi-truck filled with groceries will be delivered next week for sorting and delivery to more than 200 families who have qualified for this year’s program.
The families, some elderly, but many with small children, will have their holiday brightened by a volunteer at the door with a fresh turkey breast and all the other goodies for a holiday meal or two. Families with elementary school or younger children also will receive a toy for each child.
We don’t claim the program is perfect, but we do make sure that all of the funds contributed are actually used to help people. None of the money goes to administrative costs.
If you’ve contributed to the program in the past, we invite you to do so again.
If you’re new to the community or just haven’t gotten around to it in prior years, we urge you to join your neighbors in Sharing at Christmas.
A donation coupon appears in the paper today. Just fill it out and mail it to us or drop it off at the Gazette office.