Wrapping it up and moving on

by Dennis Clayton
This marks the final entry for me in the News Exchange. Yes, on January 1, I will be in another paper under a different header. However, I will still be working for Journal Inc. and will be adding to my 14 years of association with them.
I will just be moving over to the Gazette to continue to work in sales and I will also have the privilege to keep covering sports. It is a combo position of sorts, a two for one maybe. I think I may actually be considered bona fide as far as sports instead of rogue. I look forward to having the opportunity of staying in Union County and working with the people here. There will still be two people covering sports here, we will just be on the same team and this will mean no duplication of games.
Maybe I tend to be a cheerleader or a homer, but I honestly believe we live in one of the best areas of our state amongst some of the best people in the state. Sure, we have our quirks and peculiarities, but that’s what makes us great. Hey, if everyone were just like me, this would be a pretty dull place. I mean really.
I also believe we have some of best in the state as far as our athletes, coaches, schools and fans. That’s a good thing too. Our young people need our encouragement and support, plus we need to be there in person when the games are going on. I am truly thankful that I can continue to be a part of this experience. It has been more than rewarding for me. I look forward to going to the games, covering the kids, interviewing the coaches and watching the fans.
I look forward to working with a new group of coworkers. I have worked at several places of employ and I can honestly say that the people have been great at each and every one. I expect the trend to continue with this newest venture. I hope that I can be an encouragement and help to my new team.
I trust that we can offer you a community oriented print product that will inform, enlighten, entertain and also make us all think. We all need to look at ourselves and ask what we can do to make this an even better place to live and how we can minister to our fellow man.
My first association with the News Exchange was doing free lance sports, this months before I ever sold one ad. I have made great friends and associations through the News Exchange in advertising and also through sports coverage and I look forward to continuing these connections in the future.
If I have one apology or regret, it would be the fact that I wish I had gotten more involved in sports coverage and less involved in the delivery of the paper in my early years here. Unfortunately there were several names that could have made the paper and many photos that could have made print had I gotten on the stick sooner.
In closing, thanks to the players, coaches, administrations and schools for your help and cooperation with the News Exchange. Thanks to Journal Inc. for providing me a new position that I am really excited about and am ready to begin. Thanks to Lynn West for his work with the News Exchange and in the community. Thanks to those of you who were faithful to read this column regularly. I hope it blessed you as much as it did me as I shared my thoughts. See you at the games!
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About Dennis Clayton

I cover high school sports in Union County and occasionally contribute sports articles to sister community newspapers of Journal Inc. I have lived in Union County my entire life and strive to use my articles to promote our players, teams and schools. Follow me on Twitter: @denclayton for scores and updates on our local high school teams.