Blue Springs continues sign ordinance discussion

By Angie Barmer

Blue Springs Board of Aldermen continued discussion of a variety of topics during its February meeting, including adopting a sign ordinance for the town.

During the discussion, various members described their visits other towns and cities recently to get ideas on which places to look at for ideas for a good sign ordinance that would be suited for Blue Springs.

The city they decided to look at was Southaven.

Blue Springs Attorney Chandler Rogers printed out the Southaven sign ordinance for the board members to peruse.

Rogers said, “Southaven has multiple zoning districts. Do y’all want to have different restrictions for different districts or have a specific set of rules that apply to all districts? I ask this because I think there are things in Blue Springs that y’all would want to do differently than Southaven. I suggest that all of you take the Southaven sign ordinance home and read it and come up with some suggestions on what to have in a sign ordinance in Blue Springs.”

The board members agreed to have a further discussion about the sign ordinance at the next meeting.

Blue Springs Police Officer Anthony Anderson said the board members should consider a gun ordinance.

Two weekends ago, someone in Blue Springs was constantly shooting a gun in the middle of the night and worried some residents.

Blue Springs Police Officer Anthony Anderson said that a citizen may file a “disturbing the peace” affidavit in times like that.

Anderson also talked to the board about entering into a law enforcement agreement with Sherman. Anderson said that he would feel better and safer if he could rely on Sherman Law Enforcement if he ever needed back-up and they could rely on him for back-up if also needed.

“When I make a stop out here in Blue Springs or in the county, I have no assistance and I never know what I am going to face. I can rely on Union County Sheriff’s Department, but depending on where they are in the county, they might not be able to make it here in time. Sherman has someone on patrol 24 hours a day. I think it would be great for this town and it would be good for safety for me to have assistance if needed,” said Anderson.

The board members said they would discuss that in further detail at the next meeting.

Minerva Graham, owner of Rainbow Learning Center in New Albany, came before the board to announce that she is opening up a second Rainbow Learning Center in Blue Springs in the building cattycorner from Blue Springs Grocery and Grill in downtown Blue Springs.

“This will be the second location for Rainbow and it will be a 24-hour daycare. We have clientele from Toyota and Toyota suppliers and with our daycare being open 24 hours, this will accommodate workers on swing shifts and other shifts. Anyone that wants to volunteer their time, we would love to have you,” said Graham.

Blue Springs Mayor Rita Gentry said, “Welcome to Blue Springs. We are glad to have you opening a business here.”

The board members then approved the minutes from January’s board meeting, the claims docket, and the budget review.

At recent board meetings, the board members have discussed creating a new ‘Welcome to Blue Springs’ sign. The sign would be located near the current location of the welcome sign and would be metal in the middle, surrounded by bricks.

The metal estimate would be $475 plus tax to have the sign built, delivered and installed.

The next regularly scheduled Blue Springs Board of Aldermen meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on March 4, 2014 at Blue Springs Town Hall. The public is invited to attend.