NAHS Band working to raise money for new uniforms

By Angie Barmer

A new fundraising campaign is underway to raise money for new uniforms for the band programs at New Albany High and Middle School.

Approximately 10 years ago, the NAHS Band received new uniforms. Now, the schools need to purchase 110 uniforms that cost approximately $400 a piece.

The New Albany Band Parent’s Association is in charge of this fundraising campaign.

There are many reasons why the band needs to purchase new uniforms.

NAHS Band Director David Hopple said, “The visual part of the show is very important in judging and one of the areas that the show was lacking in was the uniforms. The new uniform has a newer, contemporary design. The band members wear band uniforms for 50 percent of the games, Saturday competitions, Christmas parades, Spring concert evaluations, and more. These Mississippi-made uniforms are thinner and are better suited to various weather conditions. These new uniforms would last approximately 10 years.”

Hopple has been in his position for two years now and he said his goal when he got hired was to get the band to be All Superior Band.

He has accomplished many goals during his tenure as the director. In 2013, many of these goals were accomplished.

In 2013, the NAMS Band started an indoor program and a jazz program.

In April 2013, the NAHS band began indoor color guard and placed second and third in their competitions and they began indoor percussion and placed first place in competition.

In Oct. 2013, the high school band received Superior ratings in marching band in Tupelo. Also in Oct., the NAHS Jazz Band got the chance to perform with Jeff Coffin, the saxophonist for the Dave Matthews Band, at Northeast Mississippi Community College. The band members opened up for him and performed with him and his band.

In Nov. 2013, the band members went to Pearl High School to the 4A State Championships and it was the first time in several years that the band got to go to state championships. The band had the chance to go to the championships because they received superior ratings.

They went to the preliminaries and championships and tied second place in music scores.

The NAHS Jazz Band is planning on hosting the Tallahatchie River Jazz Festival on May 10 at the NAHS Auditorium. During the next school year, the NAHS Jazz Band will host a jazz band clinic, which will be an opportunity for students to come and participate from all over the state. The jazz band is also performing with Sam Mosley at the “Beyond The Tracks” program on Feb. 27 at the NAHS Auditorium.

“We try to promote the jazz band as much as possible because the students can be so versatile in this band,” said Hopple. “I wanted everyone to know that I have two amazing band assistants, Will and Jennifer Curry, that work extremely hard with the students and the band parents.”

In the near future, there will be pillows sold that are made out of old band uniforms.

Donations for the band uniforms will be taken until the end of May.

Anyone that is interested in donating towards the new band uniforms, contact Jill Shaw during the day at 662-534-8694 or via email at