New Century Club

The New Century Club met at the Union County Library on Wednesday, February 5, 2014.  Shelia Robbins, President, presided during the business session and introduced Program Leader Jill Smith who reviewed the book Under A Wing by Reeve Lindbergh, youngest daughter of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh.  It was noted that both parents were gifted writers and Anne Morrow Lindberg did not publish any books after the death of her husband, a Pulitzer Prize winning author.  Prior to the death of Charles Lindberg, Anne Morrow Lindberg was a best-selling author and best known for the books The Aviator’s Wife and Gift From the Sea.

Reeve Lindbergh shares in this book about life with a liberal father and a conservative mother who live in England for a few years after the kidnapping of the Lindbergh’s 20 month old baby boy.  They later returned to the United States with the addition of three boys to the family to live in a remote area of Connecticut.  The Lindberg family was described by the author as a down to earth family with parents who wanted their children to have a wholesome life.  Their father lived by checklists and the children felt they were treated as projects.  The author disagreed with her father’s stand of no television, no church, and no community organizations.  Anne Morrow Lindbergh shared that her father wanted his children to always be prepared and always be alert for dangers.  Program Leader Smith shared that when Charles Lindbergh was dying of cancer, his wife sang hymns to him so that he could select the songs to be shared at his funeral.

Members present were Jean Dillard, Susan Feather, Michelle Hagins, Joy Hill, Libby Harrison, Anne Holmes, Lynn Madden, Martha Frances Monroe, Mary Tate Pannell, Grace Provence, Anna Quinn, Shelia Robbins, Joan Smith, Jill Smith, and Lou Ann Staggs.