Honoring a legend

The documentary, “Beyond the Tracks,” put together by New Albany High School students, is a fitting tribute to a New Albany legend, Sam Mosley.

More than 650 people turned out in the school auditorium last Thursday to see the video documentary and hear a concert by the Mosley and Johnson Band, along with New Albany High School musicians and vocalists.

It was a diverse crowd that represents the multiple generations of music lovers who have enjoyed the music of Mosley and his late partner Bob Johnson, who died while performing on stage in 1998.

Mosley teamed up with Johnson in 1967 after returning home from serving his country in Vietnam and he has been enthralling crowds here, there and everywhere ever since.

Mosley enjoys playing in his hometown as much as anywhere: “My inspiration has always been here in the South, in this city, in this state. I still love being a part of it as when we first started and still love to share that with other people.”

We are unabashed fans of Mosley and the way the Mosley and Johnson Band’s musical performances, often accompanied by the Muscle Shoals Horns, draws a large audience and demonstrates the diversity that is New Albany and Union County.

We think Sam and his band should be a part of our local events calendar, especially Tallahatchie RiverFest, every year.

Our community is honored with a musical legend and we should embrace every opportunity to enjoy his music.