Blue Springs to seek Sherman law enforcement aid

The Town of Blue Springs is moving ahead with plans for an interlocal agreement with Sherman to aid each other in law enforcement.
In response to a request from Blue Springs Police Officer Anthony Anderson for the option to use the Sherman Police Department for backup as needed, the Blue Springs Board of Aldermen asked its attorney, Chandler Rogers, to look into the procedures for creating such an agreement.
Rogers said that the town of Blue Springs will need to draw up an agreement and Sherman will need to draw up an agreement, then those will be sent to the Mississippi Attorney General’s office for approval. Once approved, the towns will go into an interlocal agreement for law enforcement back-up assistance when needed.
Anderson made the request during the February board meeting.
He said, “If I need to use an officer from Union County for backup and he happens to be way over near West Union school, it would take a while for him to get here to Blue Springs. But if I could use Sherman as back-up, they would be able to get here faster because they are closer.”
In addition, board members discussed that Anderson’s radio equipment will eventually need to be converted to digital equipment due to a digital conversion that is happening with law enforcement agencies throughout the state. They will get more information on that and discuss in further detail at a later date.
For a few meetings, board members have discussed adopting a sign ordinance for the town, but have not fully decided on one for sure yet.
Rogers suggested looking at another city’s sign ordinance and compare and contrast theirs in order to come up with a plan on how the one for Blue Springs should have. They looked at the Olive Branch ordinance in DeSoto County for a comparison.
Aldermen members Leanna Hollis and Malcom Leath discussed in detail what they liked and didn’t like about the sign ordinance for Olive Branch.
One thing that Hollis said she definitely didn’t want was a light that was a strobe light or a pulsating light due to the risk of people having possible seizures or migraines.
Hollis and Leath also talked about digital and electronic signs, marquee signs, sandwich board signs, yard stake signs, and more.
Leath said, “Some of these are things that would be taking away privileges from the residents that we wouldn’t want to unless they become a nuisance.”
The board members agreed to not decide on a sign ordinance yet, but will look at other sign ordinances in other towns and will discuss them in further detail at the next board meeting.
Once a sign ordinance is decided, a public hearing will be held for the residents to come and ask questions and/or voice concerns before the ordinance is adopted.
Additionally, Blue Springs Board of Aldermen members approved to go into an interlocal agreement with Union County for dog control. Currently, the county has a dog ordinance, but the town of Blue Springs doesn’t. This way the county can enforce any concerns that the citizens of Blue Springs have concerning dogs.
Blue Springs Mayor Rita Gentry mentioned the upcoming registration deadline for the annual Mississippi Municipal League conference, which will be held in Biloxi June 23-25.
“If you can go, I encourage you to go. Me and Jan attended the conference last year and it was very helpful and we made a lot of great contacts there,” said Gentry.
Community members Sally Wigginton, Stacy Tice, Randall Tice, and Sammy McCurry attended the meeting.
The board approved the minutes, claims docket, and budget.
The next Blue Springs Board of Aldermen meeting will be held at 6 p.m. on April 1, 2014 at Blue Springs Town Hall. The public is invited to attend.

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