Community celebrates Sam Mosley

Mosley and Johnson band

The Mosley and Johnson Band, along with New Albany High School singers and musicians, perform live on stage at the Beyond The Tracks event on Feb. 27 at the auditorium.

Approximately 650 people showed up at the premiere of the Sam Mosley documentary, “Beyond The Tracks” and the following concert Thursday night at the New Albany High School Auditorium.
New Albany High School student Rachel Lenoir welcomed the audience and said, “I hope you enjoy this documentary as much as we enjoyed making it.”
New Albany High School Journalism student Shaun Vaughn produced the documentary, which focused on the blues music genre, New Albany in the past, and the lifelong history of Sam Mosley, and the rise and continued success of the Mosley and Johnson Band.
After the documentary premiered, the Mosley and Johnson Band, along with New Albany High School musicians and vocalists, sung a variety of songs, including a solo performance by NAHS student Tabitha Foster.
Sam Mosley said, “I have enjoyed working with these students for the past two months. These students are amazing, talented, kind and respectful and I know each of them will go far in life.”
The event was made possible by a school enrichment program, which was part of the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant that was received by the New Albany School District. Students took a class last Fall entitled, “Lights, Camera, Action,” which taught them about the art of the documentary. Other students were from Lee Ann Thompson’s journalism class and the high school chorus and band.
Proceeds went towards Operation Warm Heart at New Albany High School. Digital copies of the performance can be ordered for $10. Call the high school at 662-534-1805 for more information.

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