A tower of support

The new water tower under construction near the intersection of State Highway 15 and Bankhead Street will dominate the landscape on the east side of New Albany.

The tower presents a unique opportunity for New Albany Light Gas & Water Department in cooperation with the city Board of Aldermen and the New Albany Schools to showcase citizen support for our city schools.

We think the tower, only a couple of blocks from New Albany High School, should have the words “New Albany Bulldogs” and the Bulldog logo painted on the tower.

It’s common for communities across the country that have strong citizen support for their public schools to put their school logo on a city water tower. New Albany’s new tower presents a perfect opportunity because it is so close to the school, where thousands of people from out of town who visit the school, particularly for sporting events, will see it.

New Albany is blessed with a quality public school system, without the scourge of any significant competing private schools. Our citizens show their support with their enthusiasm and their taxes.

We urge supporters of our city public schools to let our city and school officials know they want “New Albany Bulldogs” on our new water tower.  If we need to raise some money to pay for it, we’re confident school boosters are up to it.