West Union students collect $2,000 in pennies to fight leukemia

West Union students

These students were the second place winners in raising money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Pennies For Patients fundraising campaign. In the front row, from left are Kayla Shaffer, Maggie Baird, Christian Davis, Kalib Davenport, and Landen Browning. In the second row, from left are Gavin Foley, Maxie Morris, Graden Manning, Ella Grace Little, Alana Floyd, and Mallie Morris. In the third row, from left are Harley Herring, Gracie Woolam, Jon Grey Morrisson, Peyton Crisel, Brian Finley, and Benton Burks. In the back row, from left are Mary Metts, teacher assistant, and Kim Sanders, first grade teacher.

Each year, students from across Mississippi and Louisiana participate in The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s program, “Pennies for Patients.”
West Union Attendance Center students in pre-K through sixth grade participated in this program, which began Feb. 3 and ended Feb. 21, and approximately $2,000 was collected from classes at West Union.
The winning classes collected over $200 towards Pennies For Patients.
The first place winners were Amy Jennings’ fourth grade class and the second place winners were Kim Sanders’ first grade class. Jennings’ students will receive a pizza party and Sanders’ students will receive an ice cream party.
Over the three-week period, students collected spare change in order to support LLS’s mission, which was to cure leukemia, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and to improve the quality of life for patients and their families.
Ella Little said, “I felt good about saving money for the program. I liked that our money was going towards other people who are sick. I want them to have medicine so they can be good and tidied up (all better).”
Maxie Morris said, “I am happy that I’m giving money so they can get better and not be sick.
Graden Manning said, “I am glad that we raised the money because I want them to feel better and they got lots of money so they can buy medicine and other stuff so they can get well.” Little, Morris, and Manning are in Sander’s classroom.
Three students from Amy Jennings’ class also commented on giving money towards Pennies for Patients.
Carly Frazier said she helped collected money to help save lives.
Wesley Harrell said, “It reminded me of the Myrtle student that needed help, and I knew other children needed help.”
Justice Williams said, “We wanted to help kids that have cancer and it helps pay for their surgery.”
All three students thought it was terrific and they were excited that their class won first place in the school with the most money raised.