Weary of March and Facebook

Wayne MitchellMarch used to be one of my favorite months. By mid-March, Jenny and I would be out on the patio sitting in our swivel rockers and “surveying our kingdom.” That’s our euphemism for admiring the new growth on the flowers and shrubs, watching the birds at the backyard feeders and soaking up the warmth from the afternoon sun.

Not this year. I was reminded of that as I headed out Saturday morning, taking our beagle, Molly, on her early morning walk. I was bundled up in my coat, with a stocking cap pulled down over my ears. Over that was my hooded vinyl rain jacket. A cold wind was blowing, it was raining and I was miserable. Molly wasn’t thrilled either. She quickly did her thing and headed for home.

It was sort of a fitting ending to March. Jenny and I made one feeble attempt at sitting on the patio during the month, but in about five minutes, we moved back inside. Oh, the birds are at the feeders, but we watched them from the warmth of our sunroom. The patio is kind of depressing, too. Several plants that survived just fine for more than four years are brown and brittle, including a large gardenia in a patio flower bed.

The main beneficiary of a March like we had this year (in addition to the Light, Gas and Water Department) will be the garden shop at Lowe’s, where we’ll be this month, spending money to turn our flower beds back to green.

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While I was inside Saturday, I logged onto my Facebook account for the first time in a couple of months. I get almost daily emails on my phone, suggesting that someone wants to be my “friend” or one of the people I have made a “friend” on my account has posted something.

You may remember that I finally created a Facebook account several months ago after Jenny created one as part of a professional-development class at her school.

After messing up the account creation process and leaving the impression that Jenny and I had been married the day the account was created, I haven’t posted anything since. Looking at the posts by other people on the account, I concluded I had made the right choice.

Some of the posts from my “friends” are about food, either what they are about to eat in a restaurant or something they’ve made for dinner at home. I confess I really like George’s bacon cheeseburger and fries, but the thought never occurred to me to take a picture with my cell phone and send it to cyberspace. Those hotdogs I broiled for dinner were pretty good, too, but I didn’t take pictures. Maybe I should have taken a “selfie” with my hotdogs.

Much of the rest of it is about politics, sports or religion, all topics I have opinions about, but manage to keep to myself. Too bad more of my “friends” don’t. And there are plenty of pictures of kids, posted mostly by people who are way too old for them to be theirs. I suppose they must be grandkids, although the posts rarely say.

Maybe I’ll log on again in a couple of months and see if I have more of an urge to “share.”

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