Faulkner highway

The Mississippi Legislature has adopted a bill that designates State Highway 30 West from New Albany to the Lafayette County line as the “William Faulkner Memorial Highway.”

The plan, which is awaiting Gov. Phil Bryant’s signature to become law, was hurriedly attached to another bill in the waning days of the legislative session.

We think the designation is a good idea, and will be even better if legislators representing Lafayette County add their segment between the county line and Oxford to the designation in the next legislative session.

New Albany has considered trying to get the route labeled a “Mississippi Scenic Byway,” a designation that is regulated by the state and must follow guidelines set out by the federal government. The application process for that designation is complicated and difficult to navigate.

It is uncertain whether Mayor Tim Kent and the Board of Aldermen will want to expend the time and effort now that the William Faulkner Memorial Highway designation has been approved.

We think the memorial highway designation is a fitting way to honor the connection between Faulkner’s birth city and his home city of Oxford.