Tanglefoot trailhead

Bicycle season is here and the Tanglefoot Trail already is getting lots of use, much of it from visitors from out of town who have heard that the 44-mile trail has officially opened.

Last Saturday we saw visitors with their bicycles and helmets on our downtown streets, reminding us that it’s time to move ahead with a plan for an entrance plaza.

We agree with Mayor Tim Kent that the trailhead facility would be better if it were incorporated into our current historic downtown, rather than constructing a separate building near the Union County Library.

The mayor currently has drawings in hand showing a wooden arch between Van-Atkins Jewelers and the Henderson Building with the trail name on it. Landscaping, seating areas, arbors and a winding path would reach the trail itself nearer the former railroad bridge, which the city hopes to replace with a new bridge.

The details for a final plan may need some fine-tuning, and there are varying opinions about what the arch ought to look like, but overall we think the city is on the right track.

Getting trail users to start or end their journey in our historic downtown is a plus that should not be discounted.

It can help our retail economy and lend added ambiance to the already nice look of our historic downtown.

The trail users already are here and thousands are expected over the course of the coming year.

We hope money is available to get started on a trailhead plaza soon.