Tornado warnings

The violent storms and tornadoes that swept across much of our state Monday serve as a reminder that we always need to be prepared for whatever develops with the weather.

It was a miracle that lives were not lost in Tupelo as the tornado crossed McCullough Boulevard and Gloster Street, devastating houses, churches, hotels and restaurants in the area. Early warning obviously played a significant role in limiting injuries from the storm.

Adequate warning is important, and although there are several modern warning systems, including CodeRED, that we recommend, tornado sirens are still important. In our opinion, we have inadequate weather sirens in New Albany. They are difficult to hear in parts of the city.

CodeRED is probably the most effective system today, but it only works if you have signed up. The system will call land-line telephone numbers, cell phone numbers and send text messages and emails. The system, which is free to Union County residents, is online at Click on Union County when the web site appears.

Weather radios also are effective, as long as you keep fresh batteries in them. They are programmable and the county emergency management office can help you with the programming.

Early warning pays off. We have only to look to Tupelo to see that.