Local CEOs, UCDA work on improving employee training and responsibility

Concerning other issues brought up at previous breakfast meetings, Nanney said he had presented most of them to the city board of aldermen.

Mayor Tim Kent had already addressed the issue of traffic light timing in the hospital area but said he had not heard back in the past six months. “He said each of the lights are timed independently and are situational,” Nanney said. That means the lights will not switch if there are not cars waiting.

Another concern by CEOs was the lack of technically trained employees and the lax attitude about tardiness and absenteeism. Nanney said Itawamba Community College is offering a College to Career class at Belden now that addresses some of these problems. The class is a product of state Workforce Development and Three Rivers Planning and Development District efforts and something like it can be done here, he said.

David Goode, who is over the Northeast Mississippi Community College New Albany campus, said the new mobile training lab has been moved in and will be used for basic electrical and other classes, starting in August. “We are work on C to C classes and Rep. Margaret Ellis (Rogers) spoke to a group about that,” Goode said. “It seems to be a problem getting kids in.”

“We also have a mobile unit, the Tiger Lab, that will be here eventually,” Goode said. “There is the Tiger Cub and the Tiger Lab, which is a full 18-wheeler.”

Gary Cooper asked if businesses could request the lab for a time and Goods said that will be the case.

The next UCDA breakfast for CEOs and human resource managers is tentatively set for Thursday, June 12.