Cornersville-Blythe news

By Martha Hardy

This news is a little stale as I was unable to send anything in by email last week due to a problem with the internet service in our area.

But first I would like to apologize to the people who were in the Macedonia Community Yard sale. For some reason, the news was not printed in the Gazette in time for the sale. According to all reports, the sale, which was held on May 3, was a big success with many in attendance as well as on a beautiful day.

Our celebration of Mother’s Day was quiet and uneventful as we had more or less celebrated on the Saturday before. Chuck and Sally did smoke ribs and grill catfish. Norm had called us the day before to tell us that they would be unable to come down as he was sick with a cold and did not feel that he should be around our newborn, Vada.

I was unable to attend church on Mother’s Day due to a small medical problem, but did talk to Sue Rowland later and she told me that they had a good service with a very large attendance. She and husband Bill had most of the children and grandchildren with them. Their daughter Rhonda Smothers from Olive Branch and her children – Daniel, Annaliesa, and Alex – as well as their son Jay and his wife Roxanne with their children – Christopher, Jayne and Brendan – were there. In addition, son Jon from the Cornersville community and Sue’s sister Joan Gurley were there as well.

After lunch, some of them went to visit Billie Cooper because they had not seen a mural that Sue had painted on one of the walls at Billie and Dan’s house.

I would like to extend “get well” wishes to our neighbor, Cary Whitten, who has recently undergone surgery at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. He was diagnosed with melanoma. However, the outlook is very good, Cary is in good spirits, and feels that he is in the hands of some very good doctors. Remember Cary; he is a very fine friend and we appreciate him as a good neighbor.

We have been enjoying having company all this week. Chuck and Sally will be staying with us for a few weeks because they have never before taken care of a little bitty baby and Vada is so very tiny. She is a very good one and she is smiling at us already. I know there are people who will think that one this young is not really smiling, but I beg to differ.

We send condolences to the family of Timmy Gullick who was killed in an ATV accident and also to the family of Mrs. Lucille Hutchens who passed away last week.

In closing, I would like to leave you with this thought: “O how can a soul fail to sing after life’s winter comes peace and hope all part of God’s promise called Spring.”

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