Hurricane news

By Susan Hooker

The month of May has brought the cool spell that is commonly called “Blackberry Winter” by the locals as I checked our berries near Tye Whiskey Bottom that were in full bloom, The red roses of May were also in season for Mother’s Day Sunday with the scent of the honeysuckle wafting with the warm breeze. As I check our reunion calendar, descendants of the Charlie Montgomery family will be home for Memorial Day weekend as kith and kin will gather at the Hurricane Community Center. There are never too many desserts, too many cousins, or too much sweet tea at this event.

Trevor and Sara Garrett will have an open house at their recently renovated home at 4840 Thaxton Road (the old Coleman place) on Sunday, May 18, from 3 to 8 p.m. Friends and family are extended a cordial invitation to this neighborhood gathering. Former residents were the late R. B. and Ottie Belle Coleman.

There will be a meeting for concerned citizens of Hurricane at the community center on May 27 at 6 p.m. with our Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley. The topics of discussion will involve utilities and services for the area. It is important that all citizens attend to show support for any issues involving water, gas, electricity or telephone usages. Let’s be there for our community’s representation.

Congratulations to Hanna Robbins who was a champion at the Pontotoc County Special Olympics recently. This past weekend she traveled to the State Special Olympics in Biloxi and also won a medal there. Her parents, Phil and Nita Robbins, traveled with her.

Scarlett Ellaclaire Montgomery celebrated her second birthday on May 6 with an Elmo party at Hop Town in Ecru. Paternal grandparents, Kathy and Bradley Montgomery, as well as her dad, Brent, hosted the party.

Oh! “Threedles.” On April 26, Harper Elizabeth Hooker, celebrated her third birthday at Party Junction in Algoma with a Minnie Mouse party hosted by Colt and Brooke. Special guests were her maternal great-grandparents, Carlton and Ellie Gann Moore of Sarepta, and her grandmother, Lisa, and Henry King of Booneville.

A special get-well wish is extended to U. S. Congressman (R.), Mississippi, Alan Nunnelee of Tupelo.

The Robison sisters, Mary Coker, Lyn Spears and Annette Benjamin, enjoyed a week at Sandestin, Fla. They ate at Bubba Gump’s the night that they called. They are the daughters of the late Gayle and Inez Todd Robison of Sand Springs.

Attending a Bible conference at Walls Baptist Church were the following ladies from Hurricane Baptist: Perri Brock, Jimmie S. Warren, Jerri Conlee, Jennifer Chestney, Linda Weeden, Reba Graham. Nita and Hanna Robbins. The Rev. Philip Brock served as the driver, and his daughters, Emma and Addie, enjoyed the trip and visited with Perri’s grandmother at Walls.

Trae Smith, the son of Roger and Terri Hale Smith, was a graduate of the Class of 2014 of Blue Mountain College. Proud grandparents are Coach Zane and Glenda White Hale.

Joseph Graham Haney will celebrate his 18th birthday on May 21 and will also graduate from Pontotoc High school that night. He is the grandson of Bernard and Kay Richardson Graham and the great-grandson of Bernis Waldrop Graham of Sand Springs. His parents are Kerri and Ray Haney of Pontotoc.

Faye Graham Dillard attended the 50th Class Reunion of the Class of 1964 of Randolph High. She began her teaching career there during the 1950s. Faye was sold tickets the night that a young Elvis Presley performed at the school, and she saved memorabilia from that event.

Mercy Grace Logan of Illinois visited with her grandparents, the Rev. Wayne and Greta Logan, of Sand Springs. She was born on March 19, 2014, so this was her first attendance at Hurricane Baptist last Sunday. She is the daughter of Kyle and Miranda Logan. Proud great-grandparents are the Rev. Earl and Betty Farley of Myrtle.

Nora Creed Lynch celebrated her second birthday on May 8 at Flowood Park with a party hosted by her parents, Jay and Jessica Robbins Lynch. Maternal grandparents, Lynn and Nellie Hill Robbins attended.

The spring revival is in progress May 12-15 at Pleasant Dale Baptist Church with the Rev. Kevin Merritt as guest preacher. The Rev. Don Sparks is the host pastor. Prayer meeting is at 6 p.m. with the service beginning at 7 p.m.

The first Sunday of May was the annual homecoming at Shady Grove Baptist with the Rev. David Barnett as host pastor. The Rev, Mike Johnson, a former pastor there, brought the morning message and sang a traditional hymn, “Bringing in the Sheaves.” The Rochester Family were the guest singers. A bountiful meal was served at noon. As I sat at the crossroads and looked at the beautifully kept grounds, there was a lone reminder of an ancient oak that had survived the passage of time. The church and the cemetery have been there since the 1850s as the building kept two Yankee soldiers as prisoners of war following the Battle of Mud Creek during the Civil War. The old-timers say that there are Yankee soldiers buried at the southern edge of the old cemetery. There is another cemetery in the woods behind the church that also needs to be kept as I was shown this some 20 years ago by an uncle. Some tombstones have survived. I also have heard the tales of a lost cannon on the Mud Creek Run as it was abandoned during the battle. Several generations of my family have looked for this as well as others from Lone Star to Pinedale. It was a beautiful May Sunday at Shady Grove for home folks as well as visitors.

The NPAC Vikings are still winning baseball games as they continue to play with a 25-5 record. Way to go team!

The Warren-Graham Reunion will be held on July 19 at the Hurricane Community Center. Let’s welcome our guests from the great American West to our community on this Saturday. A calendar of events is scheduled for the attendees. I have talked to several relatives in Texas who have plans to be here. It was 105 degrees last week in Colorado City. I was telling them that it was 88 here, but it is always hotter there.