Ingomar Attendance Center has Breakfast With Moms

Nearly 200 Ingomar students from Pre-K through second grade had a special Breakfast With Moms this past Friday at the school. Assistant Principal Roben Denton said the annual event gives students and parents a time to share at the school for parents can see some of what goes on there.

The school also sponsored breakfasts with dads and with grandparents. If a mom or dad is not available, the other parent sometimes attends, she said.


At right are, back to front, step-mom Kendra Gullick, Adam Gullick, 8, and mom Mallory Young. At left are, from back, Collen Coker, 8, mom Heather Moody and Hailey Coker, 5.


Students are able to get meals quicker and not have to remember so much information because records are stored in a computer system and children are identified by a fingerprint reader. Using the fingerprint reader is Andi Perkins, 6, with mom Jennifer Perkins.


Lydia Pierce, 6, not only got to have breakfast with mom Amy, but also celebrated her birthday Friday.


The students were brought in at 10-minute intervals and, as noted, a few dads were present when moms were not available.


Children and moms enjoy their sausage and biscuits, cereal, milk and fruit punch that was served.