New Century Club May meeting

The New Century Club met in the home of Martha Frances Monroe on May 7.

Members present were Collett Cross, Jean Dillard, Linda Everett, Susan Feather, Michelle Hagins, Libby Harrison, Anne Holmes, Lynn Madden, Martha Frances Monroe, Mary Tate Pannell, Grace Provence, Shelia Robbins, Kay Sappington, Jill Smith, Lou Ann Staggs and Rheta Ann West.

President Shelia Robbins conducted the business session.  Linda Everett, vice-president, introduced Anne Holmes who reviewed the book “Nearing Home” by Billy Graham.  Program leader Holmes shared that this book has scriptural advice for everyone no matter where they are in life.  The author, William Franklin Graham, Jr., was born on November 7, 1918, in Charlotte, N. C.  Billy Graham has been voted Most Admired 51 times and has published 31 books.  Graham shares that growing old is his greatest surprise in life.  After 63 years of marriage, Graham’s wife and best friend Ruth, daughter of medical missionaries in China, died in 2007.  They have five children who are all involved in Christian work.

Program leader Holmes shared that this book is about the importance of being prepared emotionally, physically, and spiritually for the aches and pains of aging.  She also noted that Graham says that retirement gives one more time to do God’s work and serve God.  One chapter in the book is titled “Don’t Retire from Life.”  Graham shares in this chapter that all our lives should be used for God’s service and if work dominates one’s life, then work has lost its meaning.

This book is full of scriptures and stories about how the author has learned to deal with the uncertainties of life through his faith.  Graham shares that he prays for his family daily knowing that God hears our prayers. Graham also states in this book that he believes the secret to finishing well is never lose hope.